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All you need to know about insulated water bottles

All you need to know about insulated water bottles

Water bottles have become an important thing for almost everybody. If you look around you’ll see people carrying water bottles in their hands to the gym, parks, and walks. It helps you stay hydrated and going. Staying hydrated is the key to healthy life and for that purpose you need to choose good insulated water bottles rather than any plastic water bottles.

Insulated water bottles

Insulated Water Bottles have become so popular and are liked by people a lot. It is due to the fact that insulated water bottles have more benefits than any other water bottle. These bottles help you keep the water at your desired drinking temperature. If you fill it with tea or coffee or any other hot drink, it will stay at that temperature in that bottle and you can drink it anytime and enjoy it warm. Same is the case with cold drinks; they will stay cold for as long as you want.


Who would’ve thought that this could be possible? These insulated water bottles are totally worth your money. These water bottles have vacuum sealed double wall insulation technology. A “Vacuum sealed” stainless steel bottle has a wall both inside and outside. These bottles also have a layer of space (insulation) between the two layers which are airtight (sealed). The heat is transferred through conduction and collision between molecules.

The vacuums in these insulated water bottles have little to none molecules. The heat is redirected back into the hot liquid inside the bottle and not allowed to escape or leave the bottle. The design and working of these bottles have done in a way that they will give you excellent results and you will never regret buying them. Stainless steel water bottles are 100% free from BPA. BPA is an industrial chemical that is used in the making of many plastic bottles that makes them hard and shiny. It is extremely harmful for health and environment both.

These bottles are way better than plastic water bottles. According to a research over 17 million barrels of oil is used to make more than 50 million plastic water bottles per year in the United States. If this oil is saved it could be used for many other useful purposes but it is used in making useless plastic bottles that end up in damaging the environment.

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Not only had that but the creation of single-use plastic bottles released 2.5 million tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere every year. That is quite a lot of carbon dioxide. Such a large emission of carbon dioxide is extremely harmful for the environment. This extreme amount of carbon dioxide being released into the atmosphere means we’re heating up the planet too rapidly and by choosing a reusable water bottle, you’ll be helping to strike that process.

As compared to insulated water bottles, plastic water bottles are highly unsustainable. They are made from non-renewable fossil fuels. The manufacture of a single liter bottle of water produces over 10 balloons full of CO27, contributing to greenhouse gas emissions and climate change. While on the other hand stainless steel water bottle is equal to only 50 plastic bottles in manufacturing energy consumption. It is clearly a more clean and sustainable option.

Life Cycle

The entire life cycle of bottled water uses fossil fuels, causes global warming and pollution. Every time someone buys a plastic water bottle it adds to the already appalling plastic waste crisis. Studies have shown that by 2050 the total volume of plastic ever produced will reach 34,000 million tons. And that’s a shocking number. You can reduce this number by switching to insulated water bottles.

Choosing an insulated water bottle is a better option for environment and your health in countless ways. These are the best option for your everyday water consumption and are a healthy and clean way of living. Furthermore, stainless steel water bottles are chemical free and are rust, stain, and corrosion resistant. They don’t let any mold or bacteria reside inside them.

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Not only does that but high quality insulated water bottles not retain flavors. If you wash them properly they will not give you a taste of previous drink that you had added in the bottle. These bottles are more convenient and easy to use. You can literally carry them with you anywhere and stay hydrated all day. There are plenty of reasons that why you should always go for insulated water bottles and not the plastic water bottles. It is a better and smarter way of living. 

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